Mommy’s Club Review and Giveaway Part 2 of 3

Mommy’s Club Review!

As shared in my video below I’ll be doing this review and giveaway in 3 parts. The first part, which is the video – is me doing an initial review of the products and announcing what exactly we’re giving away! Make sure to like the video if you want to see more of this sort of video and comment on which package you want to win!

Part 2 of the review is right here! Check back in a couple of weeks and I’ll announce the winners here as well as give a detailed written review on the products.

Part 3 of the review will be another empty bottle review vlog. I’ll be doing several empty bottle reviews, where I review products once I’ve finished them, but since there’s so much with the Mommy’s Club products, I’ll do that separately so we don’t end up with a super long video.   Good luck everyone!



Veronica Baxter

Sherlyn Young

Ginnie Stevens

Please send your address to



  1. 1

    cynthia gleich says

    woudl like to win the total body health for adults; that is if you allow Mommy club reps to be in the drawing

  2. 4

    Domingo Amaro says

    great review on the products Tina. I love the Rash and Remedy, and the Daily Cleansing Foam. Keep up the good work.

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