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How to Gain More Customers


The #1 question I get asked from people. “How do I get more customers?” One way that often gets overlooked is a host-beneficiary system. A custom running-shoe store opened up in a highly-competitive neighborhood and was looking for ways to bring in customers. How could they compete against places like Nike Town, Adidas stores, and [...]

Travel Organization for the Anxious

travel organizational tips

I travel quite a bit. Not as much as some of my friends, but I travel about 6-8 times a year on average. Most of my trips are either overnight trips or weekend trips — and mostly by myself. I travel mostly for work – whether it’s book signings, conventions, or speaking engagements and — [...]

The End of Blog Goddess Radio

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a blog post or a vlog. I think getting Apocalypse done and getting ready for LepreCon just zapped me of energy. Plus, summer has started here in Arizona and there’s very little motivation when it’s 107 degrees outside! But, I promise to try to stay more on top of [...]

My Favorite Items From April

Don’t forget to enter in to be one of the 5 people that could win a fabulous VIP one year membership to my shopping club!

Conquering Social Media Napoleon Style


It’s a bloggers dream — conquer the internet! What… you didn’t think I was talking about Napoleon, the one who killed thousands of people, do you? No way! The Bloggess doesn’t go that route. I’m talking about the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy, layers of goodness, melt in your mouth flaky dough and cream [...]

Social Media Etiquette

Hände sind mit Handys beschäftigt im Restaurant

Social media is taking over the world and businesses are scrambling to understand the phenomena. After speaking with a lot of people of what they think is lacking in social media etiquette I decided to put together these top 10 faux pas.   1. Do not post your website or links on other peoples pages [...]