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Is Excellence Overrated?

Perfect score from a panel of 3 businessman judges

  Have you ever been described as a perfectionist? Someone who expects too much? Difficult to please? Unreachable? Unreasonable? If you have, welcome to the club. Often, these descriptions come after someone has greatly disappointed you. And… as a perfectionist you probably took a step back and wondered “Am I expecting too much?” The answer? [...]

Fatigue, Fashion, and Philanthropy


  What could possibly include fatigue, fashion, and philanthropy? My life, is what. First, the fatigue. I recently made a pretty personal post on my Facebook page, which can easily backfire. But… alas, I did it.  With 84 individual comments and about a dozen personal instant messages later I felt I needed to expand a [...]

Favorite Home Office Designs


Pinterest… Pinterest… Pinterest… oh how I love thee.   Especially your home office designs! I’m sharing a few of my favorites that is sure to make any inspired woman want to work from home… or be a work at home fempreneur. You can find all these pins and more on my board here     [...]

3 Things Every Author Should be Doing

Because my background is business and marketing, I get asked a lot of questions about … business and marketing. Makes sense, right? Well, a lot of people know me as a fiction novelist first before anything else and being in the book world I tend to be ahead of the game when it comes to [...]

31 Day Jump Start

  Join me January 1st for a 31 day jump start to an awesome year! Subscribe to my Blog Goddess newsletter!

My Fall Shopping List


Inspired by Lauren Conrad’s fall shopping list, I decided to add my own. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I know it is for many of you too. Living in southern Arizona, it’s when we all actually let out a big, collective sigh of relief — summer is over! The holidays are [...]

Bad Girl’s Guide to Direct-Selling

final cover blue

  I have a book coming out next year called “The Bad Girl’s Guide to Network Marketing” and already I have people asking me what it means. Does it mean a meanie girl with a bad rap can make it in direct-selling? No! It means, own it! For the longest time I followed every rule [...]

The Most Awesomest Way To Get Your Christmas Shopping Done!


Can I just say how much I love Chloe + Isabel! They seriously have the most amazing jewelry pieces at the best prices! Tell people what you spent on your favorite C+I piece and no one would believe you. To top it off, there’s a lifetime replacement guarantee. If your piece is damaged in anyway [...]

How to Gain More Customers


The #1 question I get asked from people. “How do I get more customers?” One way that often gets overlooked is a host-beneficiary system. A custom running-shoe store opened up in a highly-competitive neighborhood and was looking for ways to bring in customers. How could they compete against places like Nike Town, Adidas stores, and [...]